Leamington FC website

Having recently been 'volunteered' to be Webmaster for the official Leamington FC website - I have found a moment to give it a few tweaks until there's an opportunity to develop a new website that's a bit more future-proof than the current one which has been well looked after - but contains quite a few bits that have been bolted on to handle all the data and interests associated with the club. Firstly, here is what it looked like at the end of season 08-09 (with my Champions banner in place):
New banner, new photos, a few code tweaks (on going) and now a bit easier on the eye. Plus, I've got a better handle on the mass of content on the site that all needs tidying up and transferring to the new site - when that's done! Watch this space. 

The Kingsley School

Here's a visual for The Kingsley School website - showing first their existing site - (un)fortunately the screen grab failed to 'grab' the ridiculous flying text and images that zoom around in that big white space - making you feel quite giddy:
Taking the existing branding and working it into a nice and simple site that will include a nice and simple to use CMS so that everyone involved with the school can easily keep the site up-to-date with new text and images:

Corporate Business Finance

Still a work in progress - but nearing completion and I reckon a much improved look. Previous version:
Currently looking like this:

The Minack

As a big fan of the Minack theatre in Cornwall - I have always been a bit disappointed by their website which, for me, fails to showcase fully what an amazing experience a visit to the Minack is, on top of the stunning scenery in which it is built. Apparently though, the website has had many favourable comments from it's users. 
With this in mind I have kept a lot of the look and feel of the existing site (to keep current 'happy' customers er... happy) - and just given it a more 'professional' polish: I'll add a few more page samples soon too.

ACS Building & Maintenance

ACS needed some information updating on their site - and with a little extra time tweaking the code and graphics the site went from this:
to this:

Warwick Words

Warwick Words - currently being looked at. Existing site shown first (interesting use of Gill Sans throughout):
SLDdesign's 1st proposal - great pic of Lord Leycester Hospital for the benefit of users with nice big screens! But not shown here as you'll have to wait until the site is published.

Jago Cottage

Jago Cottage existing website - not the best advert for the venue:
Redesigned by SLDdesign, streamlined, simplified and much better (IMHO!):


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